The General Terms and Conditions of Online Store are drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), based on the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and international codes for e-commerce.

The online store is operated by Sinitus d.o.o, Cegnarjeva ulica 5.6310 Izola (hereinafter referred to as "the Provider"). Company registration number: 8130183000, the company is taxable, VAT ID: SI82247641.

The General Terms and Conditions cover the operation of the online store, the rights of the user and the business relationship between the provider and the buyer.

By confirming the order, the user is familiar with the general terms of business, personal data protection and legal notice.


The provider undertakes to make available to the user at all times:

information on the identity of the tenderer (in particular the company and the registered office of the company and the registry number where the company is registered);

contact information enabling the user to communicate quickly and effectively with the provider (e-mail address, telephone number);

information on the essential characteristics of the products or products. online store services including after-sales services and warranties;

information on the accessibility of products or services offered by the online store;

the manner and conditions of delivery of the products respectively. the performance of services, in particular the place and time of delivery;

payment information;

information about the timing of the offer from the online store;

information on the period within which the contract can still be withdrawn and the conditions for withdrawal;

information on the possibility of a product return and if and how much such a return costs the user / co;

information on the user complaint process and contact information of the provider for customer contact.



The use of the online store is free of charge. User registration is required to place an order. Upon registration to the system of the online store, the visitor obtains a user name, which is the same as his / her e-mail address, and a password. The user name and password of the user / s are unambiguously determined and linked to the information entered. By registering, the visitor becomes a user and acquires the right to purchase.

The registration process is easy and you can do it by clicking on the sign (right above) and following the instructions:

enter your email address and click on the "Register" button;

fill in the boxes and click on the "Register" button;

you will receive by email your details for each subsequent login (you can change your password at any time);

When you are logged in to the online store, your name appears at the top right.


If you already have a password, you can log in and start buying immediately.

If you forgot your password, use the Forgot password option in the lower left corner of the "Are you already registered?" Box to enter your email address to which we will send you a new password.

Important: If you do not receive the password email within minutes, check the "Spam / Spam / Spam" folder.


Select the item you want to buy and click on the "Add to Cart" button. The quantity and the total amount of ordered items are displayed in the upper right of the basket. To decrease the quantity ordered for a particular item, click on "Shopping Cart" and then click on a gray colored "minus" under the item QUANTITY for each item, or click on a gray colored "plus" to increase the quantity. To remove an item from the cart, click the gray "REMOVE" button at the far right of the item table.

You can initiate the process of completing your order by clicking on the Shopping Cart and the pink button on the Cashier. The online store takes you through the following steps:

The system automatically directs you to Step 3 - Verify Delivery Addresses.

You can direct your order to Step 1 by clicking the 1. SUMMARY button, where you can see your shopping cart content.

Step 2 is to verify the user login; if the login is correct, the system automatically directs you to step 3 (TITLE).

Step 3: ADDRESS - You can add a shipping or invoicing address at this step. Delivery and invoicing addresses may vary (eg when sending gifts, etc.).

Step 4: DELIVERY - In this step, choose the method of delivery (here you can also choose the method of payment by invoice; 2-3 days delivery under the option "payment by invoice" is valid from the date of receipt of your payment on the company TRR).

Step 5: PAYMENT - Choose your form of payment.

Step 6: I CONFIRM THE ORDER - by clicking this button you have placed your order.


After placing an order, you will receive a summary of the products ordered by e-mail. The order can be canceled by the buyer within two hours after the order has been placed. It is not possible to cancel the order after the prescribed period has elapsed. All costs incurred after the expiry of the valid cancellation time shall be borne by the customer. The status and content of the order is always accessible to the buyer on the provider's website.

The contract for the purchase of ordered products between the buyer and the bidder is irrevocable at this stage.

By clicking on the button "I confirm the order" you confirm that you are familiar with the full text of the payment and payment terms stated here and that you were explicitly reminded of these conditions at the time of purchase.

The purchase contract (order form) in the Slovenian language is stored on the server in electronic form and is available to the buyer at any time in his / her user profile (My account).

The purchase contract (order) binds the online store and the buyer / ko. In the event that the buyer withdraws from the order / contract, he / she shall bear all direct costs arising from the shipment under the Consumer Protection Act (paragraph 6, Article 43h). If the buyer orders the products in the online store and then refuses or. does not accept the shipment, bears the cost of postage in both directions. The price of the postage is determined by the delivery service (Pošta Slovenije), and the exact amount of one way postage can be seen both on the purchase summary and on the invoice itself.

Provider issues an invoice to the buyer / invoice on a durable medium, with itemized costs and instructions on how to withdraw from the purchase and return the products if necessary and possible.


If you would like to see your purchase history, click on "My Orders" at the bottom of the page in the second column and sign in with your username (email address) and password.


According to the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), the buyer has the right to return the purchased goods within 14 days without giving a reason. The buyer must notify the tenderer in writing of the intended return no later than 3 days after receiving the goods by e-mail and return the goods within a further 14 days.

You must return the goods in their proper packaging, undamaged and unchanged, and the product must not show any visible signs of use. Make sure you also attach the original invoice and the details of your transaction account to which you want the refund. The address for returning the goods to the seller is Sinitus d.o.o., Cegnarjeva ulica 5, 6310 Izola. We recommend that you use a delivery service that allows you to track the shipment and prepare the goods properly for transport (using original packaging or other suitable safe packaging). Any cost of return is borne by the buyer. Shipment with ransom is not accepted.

The buyer may, upon return, request a refund, which the seller returns to his transaction account no later than 30 days after receiving the notice of withdrawal.


In the event that the package is physically damaged, lacks content or shows signs of opening, the customer must initiate a complaint procedure with Pošta Slovenije. To do this, bring the parcel to the nearest post office in the same condition as you received it (without adding or removing anything), and fill in the complaint record. Together with Pošta Slovenije, we will ensure that complaints are resolved as soon as possible.


The buyer is obliged to pick up the ordered items within 8 days from the receipt of the electronic notification of the completed order, sms confirmation of the completed order or confirmation by e-mail.

If the buyer of the ordered items, which have been sent by post-payment on delivery, does not accept in any case and are returned to the address of the company after the expiry of the waiting period (14 days), it is NOT considered as a withdrawal from the contract, since the latter still validly concluded and it is a unilateral unannounced withdrawal of the buyer from the contract.

In the event of non-acceptance, the buyer is thus responsible for paying the costs of additional shipment / return of items to the company, for the payment of the economic damage caused by the inability to advertise the ordered items, which were 14 days or more in distribution and contractual penalties. In the event of non-acceptance, the case shall be referred to the Legal Service, which shall, under our authority, further regulate the payment and recovery of the costs and damages incurred. The amount of the contractual penalty for non-acceptance of the ordered articles or late canceled order is 20 €, non-acceptance costs 8 € (2x postage, packaging, packaging, administrative costs).


The provider does his best to ensure that the information published on the online store is up-to-date and correct. However, product features, delivery times, or prices may change so quickly that the provider fails to correct the information on the website. In such a case, the tenderer will inform the buyer of the changes and allow him / her to withdraw from the order or to replace the ordered product.


The online store is the property of Sinitus d.o.o., which also operates the online store. Content published on the Web Store is the property of Sinitus d.o.o .. and may be used for non-commercial purposes, but must retain all of the above copyright notices and therefore may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise disseminated without the permission of Sinitus d.o.o.

We accept no liability for any consequences resulting from the use of information posted on this online store or the temporary failure of the online store.

We reserve the right to make daily changes to the contents, mistakes in prices and written text.

By using the visitor's online store, the buyer confirms that he accepts and agrees to the described conditions.


The provider complies with the applicable consumer protection legislation. The Bidder shall use its best endeavors to fulfill its duty, to establish an effective complaint handling system and to designate a person with whom the buyer may contact by telephone or email in the event of difficulties. The complaint can be submitted via e-mail to our e-mail address listed in the lower left corner of the online store (

The Bidder will confirm within five working days that it has received the complaint, inform the buyer how long it will handle it and keep him / her informed of the progress of the procedure.

The Bidder is aware that an essential feature of a consumer dispute, at least as far as litigation is concerned, is its disproportionate effect on the economic value of the claim and the costs involved in resolving the dispute itself. This is also a major obstacle to the consumer from bringing a dispute to court. Therefore, the provider shall use its best endeavors to resolve any disputes by mutual agreement.

Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

In accordance with the legal norms of Sinitus d.o.o. does not recognize any provider of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes as competent for resolving consumer disputes that could be initiated by the consumer in accordance with the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act.

Sinitus d.o.o., which as a provider of goods and services enables online trade in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, publishes on its website an electronic link to the platform for online resolution of consumer disputes (SRPS). The platform is available to consumers here.

The said regulation derives from the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act, Regulation (EU) no. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the online settlement of consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC.


In the event of changes to the regulations governing the operation of the online stores, data protection and other areas related to the operation of the online store of the provider, and in the event of changes in its own business policy, it may amend and / or supplement these General Terms and Conditions, to inform the users in the appropriate way, which is particularly the case for informing through the website Any amendments and / or additions to the General Terms and Conditions shall enter into force and apply after the expiration of eight days from the announcement of the amendments and / or additions. If an amendment and / or supplement to the General Terms and Conditions is necessary in order to comply with the regulations, exceptionally, these amendments and / or additions may enter into force and apply in a shorter time.

A user who does not agree to the amendments and supplements to these General Terms and Conditions must cancel his registration within eight days of the announcement of the change and / or amendment of the General Terms and Conditions, otherwise this counts and expires inadmissible proof. , that the user accepts amendments and / or additions to the General Terms and Conditions. Cancellation of registration is done by giving the user a written notice to the provider of the cancellation.


We do not send SPAM messages! We send messages to our loyal users who have selected the "I want to receive E-news" option when registering.

We wish you plenty of pleasant and affordable shopping!